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scrub drums for no man.
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band of brothers + green
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"Lord, grant that I shall never seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand or to be loved, as to love with all my heart… with all my heart."

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marvel cinematic universe & the cosmos

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It just… kind of slipped through my fingers. Everything has been slipping through my fingers.

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What is every living person afraid of? Us. Death. The Big Sleep. Deep down fearing the reaper is the reason why everyone’s so messed up in the head. They know the end is nigh, but there’s nothing they can do about it so it drives them nuts and they live their lives with one eye on the clock. We don’t have to do that. We can smash the clock to pieces. That’s an incredible blessing.

In The Flesh ─ Season One

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Looper (dir. Rian Johnson)

“Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been.”